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Live Ancient forever - history, myths, cultures

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(Russian Edition - Версия на русскомя)
Only then it can undestand things essential
When you know their origin and development

History, mythology, archeology, ethnography, archeology, ethnology...


  • Crucial niddles of the proto-history
  • Ancient civilizations and peoples
  • Ancient America
  • Indo-European history
  • History of Russia
  • Nations
  • Mythology
  • Genealogy, including author's genealogy

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Crucial niddles of the proto-history

Megaliths (5-2 ths B.C.)

The dolmen close by Tuapse

African megaliths

Asian megaliths

European megaliths

Ancient civilizations and peoples

About world history

Historic organizations and communities

Historical web collections

Ancient states

Ancient Egypt

Civilizations of Indostan

Ancient Italy

Ancient America

Moon Piramid

Ancient colonization of America by indeans



Teotihuacan (-II - +VII centuries.)

Indo-European history


Ethnic cataclusms at the end of 2 ths B.C.

Ancient Philistines

History of Russia


Ethnology and ethnography.

Isolated cultures

Slavonians and Cossacks





Also, see, please, author's view about himself genealogy (families Garshin, Gvozdetsky, Fediunin, Kobylinsky, Beliaev).

Main page (on Russian) > Home page (on English) :
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Keywords for seeking about socium and social history:
ndo-europeans, Bible, megaliths, Troyan war, floods.

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