(Business & System Analyst, Architect, Certified Oracle specialist, Web-designer)

E-mail: garchine@mail.ru . Phones: at home +7 (8617) 616-419, cellular +7 (9887) 701-210.

Personal Website https://www.garshin.ru (Rus.).

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SUMMARY:                Certified Oracle Specialist


                                                  - 33 years – IT skills (since 1987), 29 years from them – database software development (over

                                                20 projects - https://www.garshin.ru/it/applications/index.html ), 20 years – as business and system

                                                analyst, 17 years – as web-designer.

                                                  - Configuration of Oracle Advanced Replication (Multimaster etc).

                                                  - Complete description of the factory business model.


                                                  - “CPC-R” – Caspian Pipeline Consortium (Russia).

                                                  - “Transnefteproduct” (largest company of main oil product pipeline transport).

                                                  - “Transneft” (largest company of main oil pipeline transport).

                                                  - Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation.

                                                  - Kazakhstan National Bank.


HARDWARE:         IBM PC and compatibles. SCADA S/3, OASyS.


SOFTWARE:           OS:       MS Windows 10; UNIX (Linux RedHat 6); Novell Netware 5; MS DOS; CPM, PDP-11.

CASE:  Oracle Designer2000 6.1; Platinum BPwin 2.5; Powersoft PowerDesigner 6; Rational Rose, Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Apps:   MS Office 2016; MS Project 2000; Lotus 1-2-3 5; MERANT PVCS 6; MS Visio 2000 Prof.;

Tools:  American Cybernetics Multi-Edit 8; Macromedia HomeSite 5...


DATABASES:            Oracle 7.3-12c; MS Access 2000 & VBA; Clipper S’97-5.2, FoxPro 2.6, Foxbase.


DBA UTILITIES:        Oracle Enterprise Manager 1.6, Oracle Replication Manager 1.4; Platinum SQL-Station 3.2; SQL Navigator 3.1, PL/SQL Developer 12.


CODING:                          SQL-servers:                       Oracle SQL & PL/SQL.

                                                  MS Windows:                     MS Visual Studio.NET (VB, C#), JavaSCript, Delphi 5.

                                                  MS DOS:                             Clipper S’87-5.2, Turbo Basic.

                                                  PDP-11 (DEC):                 Basic; Pascal, FORTRAN, Assembler.


TECHNOLOGIES:    System modeling:              IDEF0, IDEF1X, IDEF3, DFD. UML.

                                                  Project management:       Oracle CDM, RUP.

                                                  Data Access:                      ADO, DAO, ODBC.

                                                  Web-design:                       HTML 4-5 & CSS 2-3.

                                                  Reporting & charting:     Crystal Reports 10, Actuate 7.




04/2002 - present              “Caspian Pipeline Consortium”, Technological Dep., Moscow, Russia (http://www.cpc.ru/  )

1.       Project: Customer Management System for Oil Shippers (m:pro, Documentum 4i, Oracle 9.1). Positions: Analyst, Implementator, Supporter.

2.       Project: SCADA web-reports (Oracle PL/SQL, C#). Position: Analyst, Programmer, UI/UX designer.

3.       Project: Developments on Crystal Reports: Passes, Bills of Lading, SCADA web charts.

4.       Project: Oil Meter reports from Wonderware (MS VB.NET, Oracle PL/SQL). Position: Programmer.

5.       Project: Dispatcher shifts accounting (C#, Oracle PL/SQL). Position: Client & Server Programmer.

6.       Project: Reports generation for the MAXIMO warehouse system (Actuate, Oracle PL/SQL).

7.       Project: Loading and processing billing accounts (Oracle SQL*Loader).


10/2000 – 04/2002            Company “Terna”, Dep. “Special Information Systems”, Moscow, Russia (www.terna.ru )

1. Project: Dispatching Control System “ASDU” for oil product transportation (Borland C++ 5.02, Oracle Developer2000 6.0, Oracle EE 8.1.7 & SDO).

Customer: “Transnefteproduct” Company (oil product pipeline transporter) and regional branches.

Positions: Senior Analyst, Document Developer.Performed:

¨     Planning and management for enterprise exploration and business analysis.

¨     Business and system analysis (IDEF0, IDEF1X, IDEF3, DFD; Platinum BPwin 2.5; Oracle Designer2000 6.0).

¨     Working out technical specifications for architecture, functions, data model, interface.

¨     Development of project documents structure; expertise for project documents.

2. Project: Global Geoinformation System “VECTOR” for oil pipeline engineering objects, repairs, incidents, damages with cartographic database and ecological monitoring (Borland C++ 5.02, Oracle Developer2000 2.1, Oracle8(i) EE with Oracle Spatial Data Option).Customer: “Transneft” Company (oil pipeline transport) and regional centers. Positions: Senior Analyst, System Architect. Performed:

¨     Enterprise inspection, business analysis, system analysis, system modeling (IDEF0, IDEF1X, IDEF3, DFD; Platinum BPwin 2.5; Oracle Designer2000 2.1).

¨     Working out concept and technical specifications for architecture, data model, interface, functions, data migration; installation plan and development plan.


03/1999 - 08/2000             Company “Neftegazsistemy” (Oil gas systems), Moscow, Russia (www.ogs.gomel.by )

Project: Large-scale Monitoring System “SKUTOR” for oil pipeline using activities, repairs, incidents, damages. Customer: “Transneft” Company (oil pipeline transport) and 10 regional centers. Positions: Database Administrator, Programmer, Technical Editor. Performed:

¨     Generation and administration distributed database with advanced replication and removed access tuning (Oracle 8.0.3-8.1.5 in OS MS Windows NT 4, Novell Netware 5, Linux RedHat 6.0). Over 200 scripts. Performing of the existing databases from Access 8to Oracle8.

¨     Database and SQL optimization (Oracle8). Client part optimization (Access 8 VBA).

¨     Instructing for the Oracle database administrators.

¨     Developing of the technical specifications for a WEB-project.

¨     Development of the service tools: “Register Manager” (MS VC++ 6.0), “Oracle Viewer” (Borland Delphi 4.0).


11/1997 - 08/1998             Company “Corvus Int.”, Moscow, Russia (www.corvus-tg.com )

1. Project: “Budget planning”.

Customer: Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation and 90 regional courts.

Position: Programmer.


¨     Database development, coding, testing and installation of the program “Budget planning” (Clipper 5.2).

2. Project: Bank System “KUBAZH 3C”. Program module “Fixed Assets Accounting”.

Customer: National State Bank of the Kazakhstan Republic.

Position: Programmer.


¨     Working out technical specifications.

¨     Database development, coding, testing and documenting of the program “Fixed Assets Accounting” (Clipper 5.2).

¨     Development of the system for data replication between regional banks and National Bank Processing Center (Oracle 7.3). The stored procedures – > 1000 lines, the triggers – > 300 lines.


08/1994 - 08/1997             Gas Service, town Kalininskaya (Krasnodar region, Russia)

Position: Programmer.


¨     Development, installation and maintaining of the programs “Salary”, “Gas realization”, “Liquefied gas accounting”, “Fixed Assets and gas mains accounting”, “Natural gas accounting”, “HR department”, “Shareholder meeting”, “Gas counter factors”, “Storehouse” (Clipper S'87).

¨     Development, implementation and supporting of the programs “Organizations payments”, “Tax cards”, “Salary”, “Allowances” and others (Clipper 5.1) for the cheese production factory.

¨     Development, installation and supporting of the programs “Medical service accounting” and “Payment entrusting” (Clipper S'87) for District Central Hospital.

¨     Development, installation and supporting of the programs “Land certificates” (Clipper S'87) for the District Committee of the Land Resources.

¨     Development and supporting of the application “Examination” for district schools (MS Visual Basic 5.0 & MS Access 97).


08/1992 - 06/1994             National Bank, Uralsk (Kazakhstan)

Position: Programmer. Performed:

¨     Modification, commissioning and production support of the program “Bank Operating Day” (FoxBASE 2.0) in district bank departments.

¨     Installation of the telecommunication for the District Bank Departments (Telix).

¨     Development of the programs “Calculation of the consolidated balance”, “Entering of the bank documents”, “Everyday balance” (Clipper S'87).


12/1990 - 06/1992             Branch of the State Computer Committee, Uralsk, (Kazakhstan)

Position: Programmer. Performed:

¨     Development of the program for plotter managing (Pascal / DEC).

¨     Development of the program “Salary” (Basic / DEC).

¨     Modification, commissioning & production support of the programs “Salary” (Clipper S'87), “Storehouse” (FoxBASE 2.0), “Personnel” (FoxPro 1.01), “Fixed Assets” (Turbo Pascal 5.0).

¨     Development of the program “Pensions and allowances accounting” (Clipper S'87).


11/1989 - 11/1990             Scientific and Research Institute “Granite” (shipbuilding), Uralsk (Kazakhstan)

Position: Programmer. Performed: Development of the program for booting and testing of the On-board Multicomputer (DEC Assembler).


09/1986 - 11/1989             Scientific and Research Institute “Hydrosystems” (shipbuilding), Uralsk (Kazakhstan)

Position: Programmer. Performed:

¨     Development of the program “Submarine dynamics imitation” (Pascal, FORTRAN / DEC).

¨     Production support of the system program for the On-board Computer (Pascal / DEC).




1981-1986                       Kazan State University, Kazan city, Tatarstan, Russia,

                                                  Physical department. Speciality: physicist. The fulltime studies.

                                                  The excellent appreciated diploma (about the vibration combustion).


2000                               ORACLE CIS, Moscow, Russia:

¨     The course “Configure and Tune Oracle on HP/UX”.

¨     The course “Enterprise DBA Part 3: Network Administration”.


¨     The course “Documentum 4i Management” (Documentum Servicies CIS, Moscow).

¨     The course “mpro Administration” (mpro IT Consult, Moscow).

¨     The course “Oracle: Programming on SQL, PL/SQL and Java” (Interface Ltd., Moscow).

¨     The course “M2310: Developing MS ASP.NET Web Applications Using Visual Studio.Net” (Bauman’s Computer Education Centre, Moscow).

2004                               Interface Ltd. , Moscow, Russia:

¨     The course “Using the professional report generator Crystal Reports 10”.

2005                               Bauman’s Computer Education Centre “Specialist”, Moscow, Russia:

¨     The course “HTML & CSS foundation”.

¨     The course “Macromedia Flash MX. Foundation”.

¨     The course “Action Script programming. Experience”.

2008                               Edu)itonline. Guru Academy, Moscow, Russia:

¨     Aaron Marcus’s seminar “Interface oriented for user”.

2009                               Education Centre Microinform”, Moscow, Russia:

¨     The course “M2310: Developing Web Applications Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008”.

                                      Bauman’s Computer Education Centre, Moscow, Russia:

¨     The course “AJAX. Web-design for Web 2.0”.

¨     The course “JavaScript. Level 1. Foundation”.

¨     The course “JavaScript. Level 2. Expanded possibiliies”.

¨     The course “Web-design. Corporative & Information websites modelling”.

2010                               Interface Ltd., Moscow, Russia:

¨     The course “Using Sparx Enterprise Architect for a business modelling and system analysis”.


¨     The course “Web-programming: DHTML, PHP, ASP и ASP.NET” (Microinform., Moscow).

¨     The course “С#-programming using Microsoft .NET Framework 4” (Interface Ltd., Moscow).

2012                               Specialists, Moscow, Russia:

¨     The course “M10265: Developing Data Access Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010”.

¨     The course “XML & XSLT: the modern technology data processing”.


¨     The course “M20480: Programming using HTML5 with JavaScript и CSS3” (Specialist).

¨     The course “Programming on SQL and PL/SQL” (Interface Ltd., Moscow).


¨     The course “М20486: Developing ASP.NET 4.5 MVC 4 Web Applications” (Specialist, Moscow).

¨     The course “O12cAPLS – Oracle Database 12c: Advanced PL/SQL” (RDTech, Moscow).


¨     The course “O11gPT – Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning” (RDTech, Moscow).

¨     The course “Site usability. Designing web interfaces” (Specialist, Moscow).

2017                                         EC “Reasonable Business Technologies” (RDTech), Moscow, Russia.

¨     The course “O11gWHF – Oracle Database 11g: Data Warehousing Fundamentals”.

¨     The course “O12cSQLWH – Oracle Database 12c: Analytic SQL for Data Warehousing”.


¨     The course “20483: Programming in C#” (Specialist, Moscow).

¨     “O12cFDS – Oracle DB 12c: Fundamentals for Developers and System Administrators” (RDTech).

¨     The course “O12cTSQL – Oracle SQL Tuning for Developers Workshop” (RDTech, Moscow).


¨     The course “O12cDPU – Oracle DB 12c R2: Develop PL/SQL Program Units” (RDTech, Moscow).

¨     The course “10550A: Programming in Visual Basic with Microsoft Visual Studio” (Specialist).


¨     The course “Infographics. Level 1” (Specialist, Moscow).

¨     The course “Linux (CentOS/Debian). Level 1. Administration and security fundamentals” (Specialist).


ADDRESS:                       Khvorostiansky street 15-257, Novorossiysk, Krasnodar region, Russia, 353925.


LANGUAGES:              Russian (native), English (Intermediate). Also I study Chinese, Japanese and Korean ( vostok-nvrsk.ru ).


KNOWLEDGES:         Physics, Mathematics and Linguistics.

                                                  Contents of my diploma entered in a scientific article about the vibration combustion in jets.


ADDITIONAL:             The foreign passport valid till 16.12.2013. The driving license is on hand.


PERSONAL DATA:  Place and date of birth: Uralsk town (Kazakhstan), August 29, 1963. Russian.

                                                  Divorced. Two children: sun of 1990 y. (he lives with me), daughter of 1993 y.


HOBBIES:                         Sport: Japanese sword fencing (Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu – http://katori.ru ); skydiving; hatha yoga; mountain tourism and speleology; targeted travels.

                                      Scientific researches: ancient history, linguistics, paleography, paleontology, biogenesis, geodynamics… ORCID: 0000-0001-8528-5604. Google Shcolar ID: jSSOLsAAAAJ.

                                      Web design: garshin.ru (universal information); lexicons.ru (foreign vocabularies), slovorod.ru (Russian wordbooks); proto-slavic.ru , proto-indo-european.ru , proto-nostratic.ru (proto-languages).




Igor Konstantinovich Garshin, E-mail: garchine@mail.ru. Personal website: https://www.garshin.ru (in Russian and in English).