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Achilles was born in Russian village Tamanskaja

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Achilles Keywords: native land of Achilles, Achilles's fatherland, motherland Crimea, Taman Peninsula, homeland Taurida, Kuban ancient history, Greek mythology, Mirmikium, Mirmekion, Mirmidon, Mirmikon, Tamarha, Tmutarakan by Kerch Channel, village Tamanskaya

The newspaper "Novorossijsk Worker" ( 188 (22362) from 2.10.2004, p. 7)

Whence the well-known hero of Trojan war Achilles comes? Scientists are not uniform in this question. The Japanese fencing instructor Igor GARSHIN considers, that his native land was village Tamanskaja.

- About eight years ago the Bulgarian scientist's clause, that Achilles was slavic prince, has got to me, - tells Igor. - The Author referred that Greeks named his "Scythian", approximately such what we have seen in Brad PITT'S execution in the Hollywood "Troy". The official science considers, that Achilles has left from the fessalian cities Phtia in northeast of Greece. I was interested with the version of his origin from Black Sea Coast. But Scythians then there was not. I think, Achilles - from those Greeks who lived in Black Sea Coast even before their resettlement to Greece through Thrace 4000 years ago. And only then they began to occupy "anew" the ground of ancestors which therefore and named "Great Greece", founding colonies - it is possible, on a place of ancient cities. Not without purpose Greeks perfectly knew Colchis far from them - modern Georgia.

In research Igor is helped by the serious hobbies for linguistics which are partly throwing light on secret of an origin and resettlement of ancient peoples. It has got weight fat books and the newest researches about Trojan war.

- I have found Acknowledgement of the version of origin of Achilles unexpectedly. My comrade-regional specialist has told to me about cape Achilleon on Taman Peninsula. Having visited in the Taman Cossack museum, I have seen on a card the city of Mirmeky beyond Kerch strait opposite to cape Achilleon. It reminds nothing to you from film "Troy"?

- Achilles in fact odered about mirmidonskim an army?

- Shure! Having rummaged in books, I have learned, that present Taman and was the city of Achilleon renamed later in Hermonassa. And up to city Achilleon referred to Mirmidon or Mirmikon. Arrian writes in the " the Description of sea coast ", that Achilles occured from small town Mirmikon laying at Meotidian (Azov) sea, whence it have expelled for unrestrained customs. Therefore it also has left for Thessaly where his father Pelej earlier has moved. Strabon also confirms: "Further from Mirmeky on the Asian party the village named Achillium" lays. His cape fastened on manners of nomads fibula, a habit to battle by the pedestrian, blond hair, light blue eyes is mentioned also. It is known that to battle the pedestrian in blood at Greeks, but in any way at horse Scythians. It also confirms, that Achilles - not the Scythian, and simply the inhabitant of "Scythian" places. I shall notice also, that in a mouth of Dnepr there is an island Tendra and Dzharylgach, named earlier "Achilles's Run". Means, Mirmidonian empire of Achilles covered all northeast coast of Black sea with Crimea, reminding the future Bosporian empire.

And still me surprises, that Achilles it is similar on catafractary.

- The Well-known soldier of an antiquity chained in the reservation? A prototype of the knight?

- Yes. I think, it was completely in the reservation, as against other Greeks. It, in any measure explains also a myth about the Achilles' heel. Heels were hardly probable not a unique open place at catafractaries. Besides the Homere describes, that all have accepted his blood brother Patrokl, robed in armour of Achilles, for himself Achilles - means, open places in the reservation were not. The origin of such armour up to the end is not known. There is a version, that hittites have adopted a secret of smithery iron from the Halibs on Caucasus. And when Hittite empire was dared by the European tribes, the secret of iron has got to Celts.

- Were for some reason recollected "mirmiks" - terrible aggressive ants from the children's book "Barankin, be the person!".

- "Mirmex" on Greek means the ant exactly. Mirmeky, as well as Mirmidon, it is possible to transfer as "Ant town". Probably, because it was densely populated. About ant people and the ancient greek myth is, where Zeus has turned to an ant, has crept in woman Evrimeduzu grown fond to it and from this communication have arisen mirmidonians - ant people. Consider, people of Achilles. About ant people there is even the bylina (oldest Russian epic) "About prince Volhv Vseslavievich". In it it is told, how prince with an army has gone on the "Indian empire". I believe, it is the country Sindika - Taman, named named the rivers Sind (modern river Kuban). The capital of sindikets by someones opinion was Anapa ("Sindian harbour"), but, probably, it was the town with future name Mirmidon (village Tamanskaja). Army of Volhv has subdued capital only after has turned to ants and has crept in city... I Think, the question is route sindov Greeks after which sinds (Indo-Aarians) have left to Syria (empire Mitanni), and then to India. But it already a theme of other my research, as well as search in area of sea of Azov of ancient capital Asgard, whence ancestors of Germans have left on the north. While I prepare for the full version of research on Achilles, which Iwill put on the Internet and I want to publish in magazines.

Interviewed Denis Kurov.

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