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Шумеро-русский алфавитный словарь: А | Б | Г | Д | З | И | К | Л | М | Н | П | Р | С | Т | У | Х | Ш | Э
Шумерско-английско-русский: A | B | D | E | G | H | I | K | L | M | N | P | S | T | U | Z

Разделы страницы о выявленных схождениях между шумерским и праностратическим языками (включая его потомков - ностратические языки):

Шумерско-ностратические лексические соответствия

Шумеро-праностратические лексические соответствия по Бомхарду

Макрокомпаративист Алан Бомхард [On The Origin of Sumerian, JASLP 1997] считает, что данные указывают на то, что шумерский язык не имеет особого отношения к эламо-дравидийскому праязыку. И он также не является дочерним ностратическим языком. Данные свидетельствуют о том, что, скорее всего, шумерский язык - родственник праностратического и составляет с ним одну языковую группу.

Примерно того же мнения придерживался и наш выдающийся компаративист Сергей Старостин, объединяя шумерский с праностратическим, праафразийским (см. праафразийский лексикон) и прадене-кавказским языками в одну группу борейских языков, куда, возможно, относятся праамериндский язык (см. праамериндский лексикон) или аустрический праязык.

[Однако, я бы не согласился с Аланом - шумерские слова ну очень похожи на ностратические.]

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *A

  1. a-aA - I #a-/#ə- - 1st singular pronoun stem
  2. a-ba, ab, ab-ba - father; #ab- - father
  3. a-ba, a-na (?) who?, what?; #ay-, #ya- - relative ~ interrogative pronoun
  4. AK - to strike; #akº-/#əkº- - to cut, to strike, to wound, to hurt
  5. al-è - to light up, to shine, to brighten up; hal-/həl- - to light up, to beam forth, to shine
  6. ama - mother; #am(m)/#əm(m) - - mother
  7. aš-te, eš-de - seat, stool, throne; #as¨-/#əs¨- - to put, to place, to set; to sit

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *B

  1. ba - to give as a gift or ration; bay-/bəy- - to apportion, to divide into shares
  2. ba-ba-a - old man; baba - father
  3. bad-du, badû - to separate, to divide, to part; bad-/bəd- - to split, to cleave, to separate, to divide
  4. badú - need, difficult situation; bad-/bəd- - need, want, lack, deprivation
  5. bal - to pour out, to overflow, to spill; bal-/bəl- - to well up, to surge, to overflow
  6. bar - origin, descent, ancestry; family; bar-/bər- - to bear children, to give birth
  7. bar - seed; [англ. barley < IE *bhar-] bar-/bər- - seed, grain
  8. bar - to shine, to light, to illuminate, to glisten; bar-/bər- - to shine, to be bright, to sparkle
  9. bar - to split (with a tool or a weapon), to cut; bar-/bər- - to cut, to cut off, to cut down; to carve
  10. bar - open land, steppe, wasteland, desert; bar¨-/bər¨- - to be or become barren, desolate
  11. bàr, bàra, baraú - to spread or stretch out; bar-/bər- - to swell, to puff up, to expand
  12. bar, barý - to blow (at or upon); bar-/bər- - to blow
  13. bi - with, together with, in addition to; bi/be - in addition to, with, together with
  14. bpr - to bore through, to pierce; bur-/bor- - to bore, to pierce
  15. bqn - to blow, to inflate; bun-/bon- - to puff up, to inflate, to expand, to swell; bung-/bong- - to puff up, to inflate, to expand, to swell
  16. BU - to reach or arrive at a destination; buw-/bow- - to go, to come, to proceed
  17. bu-bu-ul - boil, abcess; bul-bul-/bolbol- - to swell, to bubble up
  18. bu-i - knowldege, learning; baw-/bəw- - to be or become aware of, to notice
  19. bul - to blow, to breathe, to puff; bul-/bol- - to swell, to expand; to puff up, to inflate
  20. bulu…ý - to grow, to make grow; bul-u¬-/bol-u¬- - to ripen, to bloom, to sprout, to mature
  21. bur - to spread out, to cover over; bur-/bor- - to cover, to enclose, to wrap up

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *D

  1. da - with, together with, along with, besides; da/ - along with, together with, in addition to
  2. dab - to grasp, to seize, to take; to fasten; dab-/dəb- - to join or fit together, to fasten
  3. dadag, dág - shining, bright, clear; daG-/dəG- - to glitter, to shine, to burn brightly
  4. dag - residence, dwelling place; dag-/dəg- - to put, to place, to be firmly established
  5. dála - thorn, needle; dal-/dəl- - to cut, to prick, to piece, to gash
  6. dalla - to widen, to stretch, to extend; t’al-/t’əl- - to stretch, to extend
  7. dar - to split; t’ar-/t’ər- - to tear, to rend, to chop, to sever
  8. dára - a band; dar-/dər- - to bend, to twist, to turn
  9. darú, daraú - dark; dar-/dər- - to be dark
  10. dé, dè, diû - to sparkle, to shine, to flare up; t’ay-/t’əy- - to shine, to gleam, to be bright
  11. dé, deü, di - to bring; day-/dəy- - to take, to bring, to convey
  12. dig - to converse, to speak; di™-/de™- - to be confused, puzzled, perplexed; to speak in a confused manner, to murmur
  13. dih - to press, to push; slab for molding clay; diqº-/deqº- - to crush, to pound, to mold or knead
  14. dil-bad - to shine, to be radiant, to gleam; dil¨-/del¨- - to shine, to be or become bright
  15. dím - to make, to fashion, to create, to build; t’im-/t’em- - to make, to fashion, to create
  16. dim; dim-ma - band; to tie together, to fasten; ˜’im-/˜’em- - to join, bind, or unite together
  17. - to do, to make, to build, to set up; daw-/dəw- - to put, to place, to set; to set up
  18. du, duþ, duh - to go, to leave, to depart, to go away; t’aw-/t’əw- - to leave, to go away; to send forth
  19. du÷ø - to play (an instrument), to sing; daw-/dəw- - to sound, to resound, to make a noise
  20. du-du-ru - high (mountain); dud-/dod- - tip, point
  21. dugú - to say, to speak, to tell; t’uq’-/t’oq’- - to say, to speak, to tell
  22. dugú-ga - to strike, to beat, to hit, to smite, to kill; t’uk’-/t’ok’- - to knock, to beat, to pound
  23. dul - to cover; t’¨ul-/t’¨ol- - to overshadow, to cover over
  24. dun - to dig (with a hoe); dun¨-/don¨- - to cut off, to cleave, to split
  25. dungu - cloud; [алт. Тенгри - бог Неба] dunk’¦-/donk’¦- - to cover over, to obscure, to make dark
  26. dùr - young animal; dur-/dor- goat, sheep, ram
  27. duý - to butt, to gore; t’aw-/t’əw- - to hit, to strike
  28. duÿ - to run, to wander or roam about; d¨aw-/d¨əw- - to run, to flow, to gush forth
  29. duý; duþ - to impale; to split, to destroy; d¨aw-/d¨əw- - to split, to prick, to piece

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *E

  1. è - to go out, to come out, to leave; #ay-/#əy- - to come, to go
  2. e - hither, here; #i-/#e- - adverbial particle: to, toward, near
  3. en; en-na - as far as, up to; to, towards, near; #an¨-/#ən¨- - to, towards, over, for, against, on

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *G

  1. galú, galúla - vulva; q’al¨-/q’əl¨- - sexual organs, genitals
  2. gan - to bear, to bring forth, to give birth to; k’an-/k’ən- - to get, to acquire, to possess
  3. gan - to complete, to finish; k’an-/k’ən- - to complete, to finish
  4. gán, gána - field, land, country; q’an-/q’ən- - field, land, (open) country
  5. garadin, kàradin - bundle, sheaf; k’ar-/k’ər- - to twist, to turn, to bend, to wind
  6. gen; ginna - small; child; gin-/gen- - to be young, small, weak
  7. gír - girdle [!]; gir-/ger- - to enclose, to gird [!]
  8. - head, forehead; q’uw-/q’ow- - forehead, brow
  9. gub (?) - to stand, to erect; gub-/gob- - highest point, summit, top
  10. gudú-da, gudþda - short; k’ut’-/k’ot’- - to be small
  11. gul - to destroy; q’¦al-/q’¦əl- - to strike, to hit, to cut, to hurt
  12. gúm - to take hold of; k’um-/k’om- - to pack or press together > to grasp
  13. gur - difficult, hard, severe, tough, arduous; k’¦ur-/k’¦or- - to be harsh, severe, biting, cold
  14. gur(-gur) - to rub off, to rub down, to grind; k’¦ur-/k’¦or- - to crush, to grind
  15. gur, gúr - to bend (tr.); to twist, to turn, to roll up; gur-/gor- - to turn, to twist, to wind, to wrap
  16. gur, gurú - hefty, thick; k’¦ur¨-/k’¦or¨- - to be heavy, solid, bulky
  17. gu-ru-un, kurin - blood; kºur-/kºor- - blood
  18. guú, gud - ox, bullock; k’¦uw-/k’¦ow- - bullock, ox, cow
  19. gu-ul - to enlarge, to increase; q’¦al-/q’¦əl- - to swell, to expand

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *H

  1. hal, hal(-hal) - to apportion, to allot, to distribute; °al-/°əl- - to divide, to allot, to apportion
  2. ha-lam - to destroy, to demolish, to wreck; °al-/°əl- - to wear down, to weaken
  3. har(-har) - to scratch, to scrape; °ar-/°ər- - to scratch, to scrape
  4. hašhur - apple, apple-tree; °as¨-/°əs¨- - a tree and its fruit
  5. ha-za - to seize, to grasp, to take hold of; °ac’-/°əc’- - to seize, to grasp, to pick, to pluck
  6. hul - to destroy; °ul-/°ol- - to destroy, to lay waste
  7. hu-rí-in - eagle; °ur-/°or- - falcon, hawk

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *I

  1. inim word; #in-im-/#en-im- - to say, to speak, to name; (n.) name

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *K

  1. kàd, kadû - to tie, to bind, to fasten; kºad-/kºəd- - to twist, to wind, to wrap, to bend
  2. kal - to hold, to keep, to retain; kºal-/kºəl- - to guard, to watch, to hold (back)
  3. kar - embankment, quay-wall; kºar-/kºər- - edge, side, bank
  4. kur (?) - mountain [гора!]; q’¦ur-/q’¦or- - edge, point, tip, peak
  5. kurû - to cut, to separate, to divide; k¦ºur-/k¦ºor- - to cut
  6. kurú - to tie, to bind; k¦ºur-/k¦ºor- - to twist, to twine together, to bind

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *L

  1. làh - to wash, to clean; la°-/lə°- - to make flow, to pour, to moisten
  2. li - negative particle; #al-/#əl- - element of negation
  3. luh, luh(-luh) - to wash, to clean; law-a°-/ləw-a°- - to wash, to clean

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *M

  1. ma(-e) - I (Emesal); mi-/me- - 1st person singular pronoun stem
  2. mah - to be or make great; to be much, many; ma°-/mə°- - to increase, to swell, to exceed
  3. mar - to daub, to anoint; mar-/mər- - to smear, to annoint, to rub
  4. me - abundant, plenty; ma#-/mə#- - to increase (in number), to be many
  5. me-a, me-šè - where?, where to?; mi-/me- - interrogative pronoun stem
  6. mur - to crush, to grind; mur-/mor- - to crush, to break, to destroy
  7. mur - cry, scream, shouting, yelling, voice; mur-/mor- - to make a noise, to murmur

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *N

  1. na - not; na/nə - negative/prohibitive particle; ne-en, ne(-e) - this; ni-/ne- - demonstrative stem
  2. ner - prince; nir-/ner- - to be strong, manly, virile
  3. nu, nu- - not, negative prefix [!]; nu/no - negative/prohibitive particle

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *P

  1. pála, pàla - clothes, clothing (of a god or a king); pºal-/pºəl- - to cover, to hide, to conceal
  2. pàr - to spread or stretch out; pºar-/pºər- - to spread, to scatter
  3. pàr - to go or pass by, to go past; pºar-/pºər- - to go or pass, to go forth or out
  4. peb - semen, sperm; descendant, offspring; pºas¨-/pºəs¨- - semen, sperm; male genitals; offspring
  5. peb, pebû, pebü - to breathe, to respire, to blow; pºas¨-/pºəs¨- - to breathe out, to blow
  6. pebû - to break, to smash, to shatter; pºas¨-/pºəs¨- - to split, to cleave, to break, to shatter
  7. pir - to wrinkle, to crumple; pºir-/pºer- - to twist, to turn

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *S

  1. sahar - dust, sand, earth; cºa°-/cºə°- - to crush, to pound, to grind, to beat
  2. sal - to set free, to release, to let go; cºal-/cºəl- - to empty, to leave, to leave behind

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *Sh

  1. šár; šár-šár - to bring together; to organize; t¨ºar-/t¨ºər- - to advance toward an end or goal
  2. šer - to tie, to bind; s¨ir-/s¨er- - to twist, to turn, to bind
  3. šum - to slaughter; t¨ºum-/t¨ºom- - to strike, to hit, to beat
  4. šur - to pour out, to flow, to gush out; s¨ur-/s¨or- - to surge, gush, flow, or spring forth

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *T

  1. tab - to burn, - to blaze; (n.) fever; t’ab-/t’əb- - to be or become warm; to heat up
  2. tag - to touch; tºak’-/tºək’- - to touch, to push, to strike
  3. tál - to be or make wide, broad; to spread; tºal¨-/tºəl¨- - to stretch, to spread, to extend
  4. tar - to disperse, to scatter; to untie, to open; tºar-/tºər- - to spread, to spread out; to stretch
  5. tar - to be distressed, troubled; tºar¨-/tºər¨- - to rub, to wear down
  6. tum - abundance, plenty; tºum-/tºom- - to fill, to fulfil

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *U

  1. ù-a, ù - woe! way exclamation; ubur - (wife's) breast; ¬ub-/¬ob- - bosom, breast
  2. ùl, ulú, úlul - field, meadow; wal¨-/wəl¨- - to be open; (n.) open space, field
  3. unu, únu - dwelling, dwelling-place, residence; wan-/wən- - to stay, to remain
  4. uruú, ur÷÷(-ru) - to plow; wur¨-/wor¨- - to scratch, to incise, to dig up
  5. urú-urú - to burn up, to consume, to flame; wur-/wor- - to burn
  6. u8 - ewe; ʕuw-/ʕow- - sheep and goats (овцы и козы)

Шумеро-ностратические словесные схождения на *Z

  1. za-e; zu - you; your; tºi/tºe - you
  2. zag - to drive away, to expel; µag-/µəg- - to strike, to beat, to drive (away)
  3. zar - to run, flow, leak, or spill out; μar-/µər- - to gush forth, to burst forth
  4. zíl - to do good, to please; (adj.) good; c’il-/c’el- - to stretch out, to extend, to exceed

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