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Lighting from the fixture of a candle of other people, you do not lose any particle of flame. Jane Porter

Igor Garshin
  • I was born on August, 29, 1963 in Uralsk (West-Kazakhstan region, Kazakhstan Republic).
  • In 1981-86 years I studied on the Physical faculty of the Kazan State University. Remarkable university, faculty, teachers and students! Was engaged in speleology, went with friends on mountains and deserts: Kara Tau mountains, Caucasus, Urals Mountains, Kopet Dagh mountain ridge, CHimtarga alp (5480 meters, Zeravshan mountain ridge), Kara Kum sands.
  • After graduation (with the "red" diploma) I was distributed in native city and "was reforged" on the programmer (see my CV, please).
  • Per 1994 has moved to Krasnodar region.
  • With 1997 on 2002 worked in Moscow. It began to be trained in technics of a sword of, school of temple Katori, to pass AFF (the accelerated training to free falling).
  • Now I live in Novorossiysk town (Krasnodar region).
  • I am dissolved. I have two children: son Jaroslav (1990 year of born) and daughter Alexandra (1993 y./b.)
  • Other autobiographical data - in my interview (below).

If publishing houses have some interesting to the results of my works - I shall be glad to co-operation.

Experience in еру information technologies (IT)

Terminological glossaries

  1. English terms on oil sail, transportation and quality: HTML | Zip (200 K) | Doc (920 K).

Researches and hypotheses in natural sciences

Microcosm and Macrocosm (Physics)

  1. Non quark model of elementary particles [in the writing]

Earth & Space

  1. Creation of the world (the God plays Go) [in the writing]
  2. A birth and development of the universe
  3. New gravitational laws
  4. Regularity of orbits of planets and sattelits
  5. Riddles of Solar system
  6. Strategy of an outer space exploration
  7. Galaxy rotation and geological aeons (also - Space reasons of Glacial ages)
  8. Global Gold Grid (Geocrystal 9*4, the goldfields along Antarctica shore).

Biology & Anthropology

  1. About a life and reason in the universe

Life and Reason

  1. The first organism - a molecule - autocatalyst
  2. Evolution of a genetic code
  3. An origin of the human and races

The works on linguistics (reseachers, concepts, observations)

Concepts in linguistics

  1. A language as a dynamic system. Reasons of changing and mechanism of interferences of language subsystems.
  2. The new typological classification of language systems.
  3. Factors and results of lingual interferences. The substrat-adstrat theory (short concept). [coming soon]
  4. The concept of insulated languages origin. / The origin of isolated languages (the brief concept) (As a corollary of the substrat-adstrat theory)
  5. A birth of pidgins and amorphic lingual type. (A corollary of the substrat-adstrat theory)
  6. Genetic validity of the words (about non-etymologic bond of meaning and phonetic form)

Glottogenesis and comparativistics

  1. Influence of related dialects in proto-slavic and proto-indoeuropean languages

Etymological investigation

  1. Add-ins to Russian etymological dictionaries.
  2. Historic-etymological dictionary of the Russian morphemes.
  3. Loan words in Russian and Slavic.
  4. About indoeuropean an origin of bible names (Eng). | Published on some historic web portals, and also in the Rostov electronic newspaper RELGA (ISSN 1609 9214) - in the anniversary number 10 (100), 08.10.2004.
  5. Etnonims and toponims ancient Europe (the list of supervision) [in the writing]
  6. Slavic ethnonims and toponims in the German languages: Vandals, Vindils, Veneds, Angls (slavic "angulars"), Bavarians (Slav. boivar, boyar), Swedes (Sl. own) ...
  7. Ancient Slavonic lexicon in the English.

Aspect of a lingual system

  1. Articles - regularities and distinctions. On example Romance and German.
  2. Prepositions, postpositions and cases - revelation of main points. On example Indo-European and Altaic languages.
  3. Grammatical genders - searcing the system. On example Indo-European and Semitic languages.

Notes under research of languages and lingual types

  1. Romanic languages - research and compare.
  2. Turkic languages - research and compare.
  3. Slavic languages - research and compare.
  4. The languages "SOV": the common and the peculiarities.

Projects of artificial languages and works on interlinguistics

  1. Word-formation in the Slavonic languages.
  2. Two tendencies in a language evolution. About factors of spontaneity, deliberateness, simplification and complication. The measures of "affectation" and "naturalness" in languages.
  3. Phonetic systems for artlangs [in my head].
  4. The phonetic form of numerals of artificial language.
  5. Artificial language LINC. The grammar [is reading]
  6. Ideogrammatic writing PICT
  7. The Slavic logic language SLOVO [draft]
  8. Panslavic language. Slava (Glory). By a principle of uniform set and joint enrichment.
  9. Logic Turkic language Torok.
  10. Panturkic language Cuman. By a principle of uniform set and joint enrichment.
  11. Logic Romance language Roma.
  12. New-romanic language Latin. By a principle of uniform set and joint enrichment.

Decoding ancient writings

  1. Research of writing Phaistos disc
  2. The analysis egejskih letters (on Crete lived ajny?)
  3. Algorithm of definition in the alphabetic text of vowels and consonants
  4. Algorithm of definition in the alphabetic and syllabic text of morphological units
  5. West slavic and east slavic runes

Works on history

Researches on mythology

  1. About indoeuropean an origin of bible names (Eng). Published on some historic web portals, and also in the Rostov electronic newspaper RELGA (ISSN 1609 9214) - in the anniversary number 10 (100), 08.10.2004.
  2. Historical epoch and calendars
  3. Bible legends and Russian fairy tales
  4. The Indian layer of bible legends (paradise gardens of burish-shumer people in delta of Indus, a flood in a valley of Indus)
  5. The Egyptian layer of bible legends (4 rivers of paradise - sleeves of Nile, exile from paradise - an outcome etruskians from Egypt, Set and Osiris - Kain/Sif and Avel, the Great Flood on Nile, the "Babylon" tower-pyramid)
  6. The Arctic layer of bible legends (the natatorial god of light and day)
  7. The Transcaucasian layer of bible legends (seafarer Noy)
  8. Iudej Ehnaton (-XIV century) and Egyptian Moisej (-XIII century?): unfortunate iudaism of Egypt and an outcome of the Egyptian culture to Palestin.
  9. Slavic myths from the Mediterranean.
  10. Campaigns of Gerakle - memory of expansion indoeuropenians.

Historic explorations

  1. The Sun, Moon and Ancient migrations.
  2. Adygea - the native land of builders dolmen and great seafarers (5000 B.C.).
  3. Campaigns of Hercules began from the Russian Black Sea Coast (2500 B.C.).
  4. Ancient Asgard: Azov, Kerch, Taman/Tmutarakan? (2000? B.C.)
  5. The river Kuban - jumping-off place before the Arian campaign to India (1800 B.C.).
  6. Taman Peninsula - the native land of the Trojan war hero Achilles. (1300 B.C.).
  7. The bay of the Novorossiysk is main harbor of the first megalithic civilization. Perhaps, "Penai Banks" of the "Tsemess Bight" is the sunken advanced post by ancient harbour (5500 B.C.).
  8. The complex of ethnogeny theories (theses) [in the writing]
  9. An origin indoeuropean and cultures indoeuropean tribes
  10. An ancient civilization of seafarers and megalith builders
  11. An origin Etruscan and ancient ethnoses of the Egeida
  12. An origin of Slavs
  13. Offers on archeologic researches [in the writing] (forgotten cities and capitals, barrows and burial places)

Notes, reflections, interview

Sports diaries and notes

  1. A way of a sword. Technics of possession of a sword and a cold steel of school Katori: - began as a diary of the beginner, therefore still there is places a pathos and personal reflections (for TSKSR pupils ONLY)
  2. Mental technics in fencing.
  3. Vertical space. Working off fighting psychotechnics in parachuting. [in the writing]

Reflections about a policy and economy

  1. Passionaries of Russia.

Reflections about the person and lives

  1. "Daosism. A way of the nature and the person, directed by Force."
  2. "Masters about the Zen."
  3. "Karlos Castaneda's World." Main principles of a life of the Soldier - the hunter behind Force and Knowledge.
  4. "Reality". About searches of the way.
  5. "Will and a share". About the influence on destiny.
  6. "Know another - know yourself - know a life". About mutual relations.
  7. "Iskander's Sword". About the analysis of desires and intentions, transformation of through NLP and a zen.
  8. "Notes on book blankes". Comments to ancient and modern ezotheric ideas.
  9. "The Animal circle". About horoscopes and psychological types.

My aphorisms

... Has found here the list of my "quintessences". And do you know - some were greatly pleased for me even. :) Let me place them directly here. While there will be ready these "Reflections about the man and the life"...

Perl in the zen-style (dialectics of essence)

Soul and nature

God exists or God not exists - this is unknown to the Science

Other fruits of meditation

Creativity of my son

My son Yaroslav

A zen in children's figures

Names of figures so-called - of my son, the others has tried to name.


Names of verses - mine is. Except for "Capricious little baby" and " Wolves at night".
  • Children's verses of my son (on Russian): HTM | DOC | ZIP.

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