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Phoenetic model of the artificial numerals

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Turkoid numerals model

After numerous developments and perpetual doubts I nevertheless made a final conclusion - the most optimal way is making the numerals a posteriori (as a priori has too much variants), and the most pertinent candidates are Turkic languages (it is tested in the Kazakh bank).

Look, it sounds shortly, simply and euphonic: 4 234 567 912 345 678 921 ("Four quintallions two hundred thirty four quadrillons five hundred sixty seven trillions nine hundred twelve billions three hundred forty five millions six hundred seventy eight thousands nine hundred twenty one": Tolal kerchuntobal berlunjital guonkechal churtonbekal lurjinseal gurkenmi (or briefly Tol kerchuntob berlunjit guonkech churtonbek lurjinsem gurkenmi).
To more transparent understanding this model look please to name of the same big number 9 999 999 999 999 999 999:
gul(al) gurgungu-b(al) gurgungu-t(al) gurgungu-ch(al) gurgungu-k(al) gurgungu-al gurgungu (penultimate member "999 thousand" one can to present also like gurgungu-mil, shortly - gurgungum).

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