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Penay banks of the Tsemess bay - a sunken outpost by the ancient harbour ?

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The cape Doob (a view from Novorossisk-city) I explored historical and map information about the Tsemess bay near by the Novorossiysk town (Krasnodar region, Russia). Therefore it has happened hypothesis that Penay banks close by the cape Doob was used as observation post of the ancient megalithic civilization 7500 years ago. Then the Black Sea had its level lower modern one on 150 meters, that was proved by American sea researcher Ballard. In that time the bay was mainly dryland. And there was a freshwater lake between the cape and modern Penay banks.

I have the map on what I have pointed other regulatities, for example, one bank have a place on the middle between the alps "Koldun" (the Wizard) at the region Myskhako and "Ploskaya" (the Flat) near by Gelenjik town. It was an island in the foregoing lake very likely.

There is a high probability of a placing prehistoric construction ruins on these banks (5-10 metres deep). I think theese one was belong to ancient megalithic civilization on the Caucasus.

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