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I'm glad to meet you, my visiters!
All differents themes of this web site have a common theme: explorations of the World and self-knowledge.
Basic themes on this website: Martial Arts and extrim, hystory of nations and languages, space and organic evolution, regions reviews, software and database replication, personal explorations...
I will be glad if information here is usefull.
I wait for yours notes, recomendations, questions too please.

I have got some interesting research works on ancient historic:
  1. Galaxy rotation and geological aeons (also - Space reasons of Glacial ages).
  2. Global Gold Grid (Geocrystal 9*4, the goldfields along Antarctica shore).
  3. The Sun, Moon and Ancient migrations.
  4. The single origins of the Zeus and Jehovah names.
  5. Taman Peninsula - Achilles's motherland.
  6. Dolmen cities at the bottom of the Black Sea horbours.
  7. The phonetic form of numerals of artificial language.
  8. etc...
Good feeling to everybody!

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Bushido - Warrior Way
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Address: 353905, Tolstoy street 11-58, Novorossiysk city, Krasnodar region, Russia.

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